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Government surveillance

The Great Open Gateway of the internet is on the brink of collapse as directives from governments around the globe tighten their noose and attempt to stifle freedom of speech and the web as we know it. Whether it be SOPA, PIPA or CISPA in the US, Directive 2006/24/EC in the EU or the currently on the cards “new” legislation proposed in the UK to monitor all data from your internet traffic and allow civil servants to monitor this in real time without a warrant, the internet is changing shape to their way of thinking.
The problem isn’t just the insurmountable and exponential quantity of data they will need to store and process, which after all is largely redundant and lead to a large amount of false positives, it’s the blurring of the rules to suit their goals that will ultimately allow gross misuse of the database. Look only as far as recent anti-terror laws and you will see how a power introduced under the guise of catching “evil plotters against the UK” are being used to catch (and more importantly, fine) “evil bastards who leave their bins in the wrong place”.
Ignoring the extremes of misuse (V reference not required), you can see why this database would be very attractive for them. A single database (or in reality multiple databases aggregated through one central location) that is able of generating lists of IP addresses that accessed website X at a certain time without having to request server logs that may be hosted outside of your jurisdiction or control would allow them to tackle pedoterrorist scum in a matter of seconds rather than months of legal proceedings and actual evidence gathering before getting a legal and correctly issues warrant to access said data.
The reality of the database is simple though. Money. Follow the money and you’ll see that this all amounts to this:
“Give me a list of all the IP addresses that downloaded a file with the name “Insert famous Musical Puppet here” from ANY website”
Or if you like SQL...
[Digital_Internet_Global_Ultimate_Intelligence_Surveillance_Endpoints] WHERE Url LIKE ‘Jessie_J – I Suck Massive Donkey Cock.mp3ORDER BY (Age, [Internet Naivety], [Likelihood to Settle Out of Court])
Thats right... the acronym for this database is called DISGUISE because that’s exactly what this system is and the actual use of it will be.
Wake Up Call?
Unfortunately no. This won’t be any more a wakeup call than the last erosion of freedoms and you can be sure they will get it through (see the way the Digital Economy Act was rushed through parliament last time...).
We have over the course of the last 15 years allowed ourselves to be enslaved by debt thanks to poisoned mortgage markets that were allowed to grow and grow until enough of us eventually thought ‘are my bricks and mortar really worth 4 times what they were 10 years ago? Because I’m pretty sure everything else I buy hasn’t gone up by that much. I don’t recall a pay rise of that amount, and I’m pretty damn sure every other country in the world hasn’t either...'
So no. We won’t rise up because we as a nation are too worried about how we’re going to make next months mortgage or rent payment to seriously uprise against an ever-curling fist, tightening it’s grip on our freedom.
A system that by design has ensured we will lose the internet as it currently stands to ensure we are “free” from the things society fears the most. Pedos? Terrorists? Serious Crime? All a thing of the past, so long as you allow us to monitor your every move, thought and interest to ensure you are not committing any of the above, or a series of other things we don’t have a commercial interest in and allow our Secret Civil Service to monitor in exchange for commercial backing and support.
"Religion is no longer able to guarantee the governments that the people will remain peaceful. The system of loans [or enslavement to debt] can perform the task much better. It possesses the moral force or power which religion has lost. It can act as a surrogate for religion."
No, not a quote from some crazy atheist of the 21st century... it was written by Heinrich Heine in 1830 about the Rothschild empire. I’ll leave that one with you..
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